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ELECTRI International ¬ The Foundation for the Electrical Construction Industry ¬ was founded in 1989 by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) as the key research and educational organization for the $100 billion electrical contracting industry, with the primary purpose of providing electrical contractors with information they require to do better business.

ELECTRI International analyzes industry trends and issues along with the input of major universities and research institutes, and relates this information back to electrical contractors as useful, meaningful information in plain language.

The Foundation maintains three Centers for Excellence committed to shaping the future of the electrical contracting industry. The Research Center commissions current and relevant research from universities and research institutes and disseminates the results throughout the industry; the Education Center transforms this information into learning programs for NECA contractor; and The International Center promotes the exchange of ideas, best practices and technology between US-based contractors and their international counterparts. ELECTRI International research reports are posted frequently to the ELECTRI International website. Each research publication includes a companion DVD which is distributed to all NECA members and chapters. Annually, ELECTRI International produces update DVDs featuring interviews with some of its key investigators, giving contractors the heads-up as to what’s ahead in the pipeline.

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