On August 10, 1892, seventeen New York electrical contracting firms convened at the Astor House on Barclay Street and Broadway for the purpose of organizing an association. Their mission was to stabilize the industry and create an organized group of contractors to work with the organized electricians.  Thus the New York Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.—or “New York Electrical”—was founded that year.  It would forever change the history and future of New York City for the better.  And it would generate the creation of contractor associations all over the nation, later becoming Chapter 1 of the National Electrical Contractors Association—NECA.

Throughout the decades, our contractors have powered the New York skyline, which millions around the world recognize today.  Our contractors have constructed New York’s greatest signature projects, proclaiming the city’s grandeur for the entire world to see.

Today, 122 years later, the New York City Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) represents the largest trade association of electrical contractors in New York City and the country.