NECA New York

NECA New York is composed of the leading electrical contractors in New York City, Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, Connecticut. Our Chapter is the largest contractor association of its type in the United States, completing many of New York’s signature projects. We are an association of professional electrical contractors advancing the management interests of the entire electrical contracting industry. The Association’s core values are deeply-rooted in its proven track record.

We POWER New York

NECA New York has over 200 members and is the largest chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. Our member contractors are participating in every major project in New York, serving every market sector, public and private. You’ll find us working on New York’s most complex electrical, commercial and residential high rise installations, transit systems, environmental water treatment projects, infrastructure installations, transportation, school and institutional construction, hospitals and power plants. You will see us downtown at The World Trade Center and throughout the five boroughs on major electrical, commercial and residential high rise projects. You will find us underground, connecting power for our transportation systems as well as powering the connections for our city’s complex environmental and water treatment plants.

Our association includes the largest group of minority and women business enterprises (MWBEs) in New York’s construction industry. Our MWBE members, both large and small, serve our industry in advancing the role of minorities and women within New York City. As an association, we were first in the industry to produce a directory of our MWBE members.

When you 'POWER ON' to NECA New York, you not only turn on the lights, you also turn on to the core values of experience, expertise, reliability, safety and client satisfaction. NECA New York’s brand is an important part of the value its member companies deliver to their clients. When you call on us, you ‘Power On’ to our experience, resourcefulness and construction know how.